Marketing ecosystem roadmaps are the strategic focus for enterprises moving toward a unified, customer-centric environment. Our team at Munvo can help you succeed by aligning and planning your business goals with a personalized phase-driven marketing roadmap.

Why you need a Marketing Ecosystem Roadmap

A roadmap enables organizations to clearly define and understand all the components, technologies, actions, and decisions required to build a marketing ecosystem capable of addressing current and future business needs. Organizations will benefit from this service by observing a shift towards a more client-oriented vision supported by their processes, technologies and resources.

Discovery Phase

Corporate Vision | GAP Analysis | Marketing Ecosystem Maturity Model Assessment

  • Identify and detail the gaps between the current state and the leading practice state for marketing capabilities.
  • Assess marketing technology capabilities.

Design & Planning Phase

Custom Omni-Channel Framework | Phase Driven Marketing Ecosystem Design

  • Design and plan roadmap, including key business outcomes.
  • Define the roadmap building blocks for every phase of the marketing framework.
  • Measure the potential impact of the roadmap on enhancing market.

Deployment Phase

Enabling Customer-Driven Marketing Ecosystem Growth

  • Enhance ecosystem growth by guiding companies through the phases of the roadmap (detailed information by phase on impacted channels, internal dependencies, impacted customer types, external dependencies, etc..).

Marketing Ecosystem Roadmap Services

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Munvo can help plan and implement your personalized Marketing Ecosystem Roadmap