Trusted Upgrade and Migration Specialists

Munvo has performed over 30 upgrades and re-platforming migration projects for the IBM Marketing Solutions suite, formerly Unica Affinium, since 2005. We offer a flexible approach, which helps you to define the best upgrade strategy, resourcing plan and risk mitigation for your specific environment and team.

Tools and Best Practices

Munvo recommends the evaluation of the following tools and best practices as you build your upgrade strategy:

Assistance with go-live planning and post-launch production support
Consideration of Munvo Customized Migration Scripts (e.g. when upgrading more than two major releases or when a major operating system or system database change is required)
Delivery of the Upgrade Scope & Strategy document
Delivery of Munvo User Acceptance Testing and Upgrade Issue Tracking templates
Updates to Run Book for power users and system administrators to reflect new features
Audit and analysis of any custom integration solutions to ensure upgrade survivability
Delivery of detailed upgrade Build Book, to allow for execution of steps by production control resources as well as aiding back-tracing of steps for troubleshooting
Delivery & support of project management artifacts including daily status reports, project plan, risk registries and detailed tasks, roles and responsibilities by team member
Off-site migration scoping and pre-migration activities to reduce costs
Coaching on new features for IT and business audiences
Syndication or migration of historical campaign history from legacy systems or versions (e.g. historical contact history, response history and offers)
Delivery and assistance with updating Pre-Migration Checklist document
Triage support of troubleshooting during system integration testing and user acceptance testing

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