IBM Marketing Solutions Implementation

Munvo offers the extensive expertise necessary to maximize the value of your IBM Marketing Solutions investment. We’ve been a unified group of Unica experts since we opened our doors in 2005 and an IBM Advanced Business Partner since they acquired Unica. In addition to more than a dozen years of experience, Munvo has engaged in over 75 projects involving IBM Marketing Solutions – frequently in leadership roles – for the initial implementation or the significant environment renewal that attends a re-platforming.

Building the Team

Munvo’s full-time consultants provide extensive knowledge of IBM Marketing Solutions’ best practices and implementation processes. Services by these experts are flexibly deployed for a variety of team structures, such as:

IBM Project Managers

IBM Project Managers

  • IBM Marketing Solutions Architects
  • IBM Marketing Solutions Consultants
  • IBM Marketing Solutions API Specialists
IBM Sub-Contractors

IBM Sub-Contractors

Munvo has collaborated closely with IBM Marketing Solutions specialists since 2005, prior to IBM’s acquisition of Unica.

  • Complementary services to other third-party experts

Realizing True Value

Munvo consultants and architects understand IBM Marketing Solutions. We are well-positioned to identify and articulate value during implementation. Munvo experts ensure that original objectives and critical success factors are kept. Our consultants maintain the software suite’s core benefits, all while tailoring a design to each client’s specific requirements and priorities.

Munvo’s team of full-time consultants is uniquely prepared to implement each client’s specific project management requirements and strategies. When a project’s scope includes customization, such as in API development, Munvo frequently recommends an agile project management strategy capable of reducing iterations and uncertainty.

IBM Marketing Solutions rules for maintaining maximum value include:

  • Maximize use of reusable components using modular campaign design and related best practices.
  • Leverage high-value features such as Offer Management to provide at-scale personalization.
  • Adopt a 360-degree view of customer capabilities, such as contact history and response tracking, which provides a firm foundation for increasingly complex channels and use cases.
  • Form the foundation for the adoption of additional IBM Marketing Solutions modules or third-party integration with no need for re-design or re-implementation.

Implementation Methodology

Munvo excels and succeeds with waterfall, agile and hybrid project management styles for implementations of IBM Marketing Solutions. In close consultation with each client, Munvo is prepared to provide advice, recommendations and implementation services based on each client’s choices. Should our client opt for waterfall strategies, Munvo often recommends a methodology based on IBM’s official implementation methodology.

IBM Marketing Implementation Methodology

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