Companion Plugin

Performance Monitoring and Testing for IBM Interact

Identifying Root Causes

Keep your IBM Interact runtime servers running smoothly and avoid impacting channels by identifying root causes of slow offer recommendations.

Testing and Validation

Test and validate expected offer recommendations for various customer profile types across complex multi-call use cases.

Streamlining Testing Activities

Find and resolve flowchart, blacklist, and interactive strategy design issues quicker by streamlining your testing activities.

Reducing Costs

Reduce your overall IBM Interact costs by minimizing the number of logical design issues and resolving performance challenges.

What is the IBM Interact Plugin for Munvo’s Companion?

The IBM Interact Plugin for Munvo’s Companion allows you to monitor your run-time server group’s performance to help determine the root cause of slow offer recommendations; such as complex flowcharts, sizeable blacklist tables, or external call-outs requiring optimization.

In addition, the IBM Interact Plugin for Companion includes an automated testing harness for validating the logic of your IBM Interact use cases – an essential tool for your team’s system integration testing (SIT) and user acceptance testing (UAT) activities.

IBM Interact Design Time
Run-time Server Analytics

Run-time Server Analytics

Analyze the performance of your run-time servers to identify the root cause of slowdowns. Reports allow you to isolate problem areas or rule out IBM Interact as the primary reason for poor performance.

Automated Testing Harness

Allows you to quickly adopt SIT/UAT best practices by systematically performing regression and new testing during new interactive campaign deployments and significant use case additions or enhancements

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