Automated Quality Assurance

Why campaignQA?

Quality Assurance (QA) issues and errors are on the rise as digital marketers and marketing operation directors struggle to manage the increased volume and complexity of personalized marketing messages. Incomplete dynamic fields, over communicating and missed deadlines are just a few of the many problems they are facing.

To address these QA issues, Munvo has introduced campaignQA, a tool that complements your marketing solution and improves the marketing execution process. campaignQA is designed to support Adobe Campaign, SAS Marketing Automation (MA), and Unica Campaign.

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Munvo's campaignQA: Automated Quality Assurance
Inbound and Outbound Automated QA

Inbound and Outbound Automated QA

Execution users can identify and triage QA issues based on user-defined rules

Offer Arbitration

Offer Arbitration

Control message frequency, sequencing and best offer assignment

Marketing Datamart QA

Marketing Datamart QA

Rules-based validation capability to resolve data issues within your data sources

Campaign Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance

Campaign Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance

Catch issues not identified before launch and course-correct logic after launch while maintaining a complete audit trail

Why Choose campaignQA?

  • Automate the validation of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and monitor the results with robust alerting and reporting features
  • Manage contact frequency controls with an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface that requires no coding
  • Enable a rules-based validation approach for marketing data/marketing datamart quality
  • Ensure fulfillment vendors interpret list files correctly and that test and control cell sizes match the plan of expected response and lift rates
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of compliance for internal privacy policies and emerging regulatory rules, such as GPDR and CASL

What is at Stake?

  • Sending incorrect offers and messages to the wrong customers
  • Growing customer fatigue and increasing the number of opt-outs
  • Decreasing conversion rates
  • Litigation, regulatory penalties and fines associated with privacy policies such as GDPR and CASL

Automate your QA

“For our group, we have historically had a very manual process – lots of spot checking and manual checklists. I think by having a tool like this, it allows us to automate this process. This means we are able to work more efficiently with the right tools in place…and to allow campaign developers to work on something else more interesting and useful.”

–  Marketing Operations Manager @ Leading North American Investment Firm

Watch our Webinar

Join Brad, Munvo’s Product Manager, as he guides you through common quality assurance challenges and how your QA processes can be automated. During the webinar, Brad demonstrates how campaignQA can help streamline and simplify the QA process.

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