Adobe Campaign Review

Whether your organization has been using Adobe Campaign for years, or only recently decided to adopt the product, Munvo can help review the marketing suite to demonstrate how your company’s practices align with or compare to those of industry peers. Our team of consultants possess the technical skills necessary to troubleshoot and resolve your most pressing or stubborn issues, while defining best practices.

Adobe Campaign
SPECIALIZED Adobe Campaign

Areas of Focus

Example Adobe Campaign Review areas of investigation and recommendations include:

Campaign delivery process: manual steps vs. lean process

Capability gap analysis (web applications, preference center, subscriptions)

Recipient table extension and custom table design review

Implementation and use of integration with Adobe Target

Unusual spikes in system resource utilization

Use of offer module to enable dynamic personalization

Data flow, Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), and Federated Data Access (FDA) architecture performance benchmarking

Implementation and use of integration with Adobe Analytics

Inefficiently designed workflow processes

Data quality and readiness for optimal use by Adobe Campaign

End user, power user, and administrator skill gap analysis

Use of campaigns vs. message center for triggered communications

Implementation and use of integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Inefficient JavaScript customizations

Recommended actions, fixes, and next steps

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