Munvo’s Cheat Sheet for Salesforce Connections 2023

Munvo’s Cheat Sheet for Salesforce Connections 2023


The countdown has begun as Munvo awaits the highly anticipated Salesforce Connections event. This year’s conference will occur at the McCormick Place West Conference Center in Chicago from June 7-8, 2023. As a trusted partner in the Salesforce ecosystem, Munvo is thrilled to be attending this exciting gathering of industry leaders, where we will have the opportunity to explore best practices, stay ahead of trends, and gain insights into Salesforce’s latest developments. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the sessions that have piqued our interest and showcase what makes them so compelling.

1. Generative AI: Unleashing the Future of Content Generation

One of the most groundbreaking developments announced by Salesforce is their closed beta integration of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) with OpenAI/ChatGPT. As Munvo, we are eagerly looking forward to sessions that delve into the future roadmap and the immense potential of this technology in streamlining content generation and driving process improvements. These sessions will equip attendees with valuable insights on leveraging generative AI to maximize customer engagement and harness its power to make artificial intelligence an integral part of their marketing teams.
  • Session: Generative AI for Marketing
  • Session: How Generative AI is Maximizing Customer Engagement
  • Session: Make Artificial Intelligence Part of Your Marketing Team

2. Customer-Centric Marketing: Enhancing Loyalty through Personalization

The key to driving customer loyalty lies in delivering personalized messaging and promotions tailored to your target audience’s unique needs and preferences. Salesforce Connections offers an array of sessions covering different facets of customer-centric marketing within the Salesforce ecosystem. You will learn how to design impactful customer journeys, build and retain brand loyalty through relevant messaging, leverage automation to streamline marketing efforts, and harness the power of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) as the foundation for personalization strategies.

  • Learn How to Design Customer Journeys That Deliver Impact
  • Build and Retain Brand Loyalty with Relevant Messaging
  • Build Marketing Automation with Ease Using Automation Studio
  • CDP: The Foundation for Your Next Personalization Strategy


3. Personalization: Crafting Customized Experiences that Drive Engagement

In today’s competitive landscape, consumers expect brands to deliver personalized experiences that resonate with them. Munvo recognizes the importance of leveraging data and technology to create hyper-personalized omnichannel customer journeys. These sessions will explore the fusion of content marketing strategy, AI, and personalization to generate revenue, along with the top strategies for delivering digital personalization. You will also gain insights on combatting marketing fatigue through timely and data-driven messaging, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.

  • Content Marketing Strategy + AI + Personalization = Revenue
  • Create Hyper-Personalized Omnichannel Customer Journeys
  • Deliver Digital Personalization with These Top 5 Strategies
  • Right Message, Right Time: End Marketing Fatigue w/ Data+AI


4. Reporting: Maximizing Performance through Data-Driven Insights

Keeping a close eye on performance data and metrics is crucial for any marketing endeavor. Munvo understands the significance of measuring success and making informed decisions based on data analysis. The reporting sessions at Salesforce Connections will guide you on creating data-driven marketing teams, building a comprehensive view of marketing performance data, and aligning end-to-end marketing strategies with data. By harnessing the power of insights, organizations can focus on initiatives that drive value and pivot away from those that underperform.

  • Create a Data-Driven Marketing Team with On-Demand Insights
  • Build a Complete View of Your Marketing Performance Data
  • How to Connect Your End-to-End Marketing Strategy with Data



As the excitement builds, Munvo eagerly anticipates the enriching experiences and invaluable insights that Salesforce Connections will bring. The sessions highlighted in this blog post offer a glimpse into the wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas that attendees can expect. Attending these sessions will equip you with the tools and strategies to propel your businesses forward in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Stay tuned as we share our post-event takeaways and learnings from this exceptional conference.

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