Munvo’s Cheat Sheet on the Adobe Summit 2022

Munvo’s Cheat Sheet on the Adobe Summit 2022

March 15-17th 2022

The Adobe Summit – The Digital Experience Conference is coming up and Munvo’s excited to be attending. This event is free and virtual, hosted on March 15-17th, 2022.

Discover best practices, stay ahead of the latest trends and learn about Adobe’s new developments. Here are some things we are excited to learn more about at the Summit:

1) Data-driven Personalization

Personalization has been a hot topic amongst brands looking to elevate their customer experiences. Munvo has seen this topic surface in the travel and hospitality industry. During the Adobe Summit, you will learn how companies are using data-driven personalization to put the customer at the center of their strategies, campaigns, and messaging.

Session: How Marriott Experiments Its Way to Data-Driven Personalization

Session: Improve Shoppers’ Personalized Experiences with Recommendations

2) Customer Journey Strategies

Attracting new customers and building lasting relationships across channels can be a challenge. That is why companies are focusing on digital-first and customer journey strategies to improve the customer experience. You can attend sessions at the Adobe Summit focusing on omnichannel marketing and optimization, personalization at scale, customer data management, and more.

Session: Winning Digital-First and Customer Journey Strategies

Session: Scale Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies with Adobe Campaign

3) Create and Manage Offers

Adobe has recently launched a new product: Adobe Journey Optimizer. AJO enables marketers to deliver highly personalized communications that fit smoothly in customer journeys. If you are looking to build customer journeys, schedule messages and tailor individual communications, all from a single visual canvas, AJO if your tool. During Adobe Summit, Adobe will explore market trends, use cases, tips and tricks, and more.

Session: Create and Manage Personalized Next-Best Offers


All information regarding the Adobe Summit 2022 can be found on their website.

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