Marketing Ecosystem Roadmap

Marketing Ecosystem Roadmap

Marketing Ecosystem Roadmaps are the focus of enterprises strategically moving toward a unified, customer-centric environment. Our team at Munvo can support your marketing operations through the meticulous planning, organization, and alignment of a personalized, phase-driven marketing roadmap, in accordance with your primary business objectives.

Benefit your Business with a Marketing Ecosystem Roadmap

A roadmap enables organizations to clearly define and understand all the components, technologies, actions, and decisions required to build an effective marketing ecosystem. Most importantly, Munvo can establish this ecosystem so that it both addresses and anticipates current and future business needs.

Discovery Phase
  • Includes: Corporate Visions, GAP Analysis, and Marketing Ecosystem Maturity Model Assessment
  • Identify and detail gaps between current and leading states of practice.
  • Assess and determine marketing technology capabilities.
Design and Planning Phase
  • Includes: Custom Omni-Channel Framework and Phase-Driven Marketing Maturity Model Assessment
  • Design, plan, and develop the roadmap to meet key business outcomes.
  • Define the roadmap building blocks for each phase of the marketing framework.
  • Measure the roadmap’s potential impact within the market.
Deployment Phase
  • Includes: Enabling Customer-Driven Marketing and Ecosystem Growth
  • Guidance and phase-by-phase feedback on impacted channels, internal and external dependencies, and impacted customer types to enable the ecosystem’s overarching growth.

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Benefit your Business with a Marketing Ecosystem Roadmap