Automated Workflow Revision, Integration, and Environment Migration

Rewind At A Glance

Rewind is a flexible add-on for your marketing automation platform (i.e. Adobe Campaign Classic) that accelerates object migration between environments – from initial development and testing phases to production. With its ability to automate import processes, backups, revision histories, and real-time notifications, Rewind intuitively verifies content for enhanced quality control and continuous integration.

Rewind for your Business


Package Migration

Rewind gives marketers the autonomy to send forth or rollback workflows/objects in real time, without relying on IT administrative rights that can either result in manual errors (when shared excessively) or massive bottlenecks (when limited to few). This automated tool is oriented around best practices for continuous integration between environments so that content updates are logged and checked prior to package migration.


Revision History

With its automatic backups and in-depth revision history, Rewind facilitates versioning and source control. Our software is tailored to minimize the risk of overwriting information when moving between environments. By archiving entire project histories, Rewind prompts users to detect and rectify outstanding issues, and to revert back to previous states without erasure.


Silent Error Detection

Through ongoing, test-oriented processes, Rewind ensures that silent errors no longer go unnoticed. The tool is designed to encourage best practices and block risky movements between environments for optimal quality control. With real-time notifications, Rewind highlights irregularities that may require intervention, so that marketers remain vigilant and proactive in the development of meaningful content.

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