Munvo AI

Personalized Experiences in Record Time

Munvo AI capitalizes on artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor marketing experiences individually to each of your customers, while delivering return on investment at an industry-leading time to market.

Quickly realize the value of AI using Munvo’s machine learning models for Adobe Campaign

Increased Conversion

Improved Retention

Accelerated Time to Market

Guarantee Recurring Revenue

A SaaS Platform with Proven Results

  • Heightened customer engagement – Munvo AI detects the ways in which customers interact with your marketing communications to personalize experiences for each of them
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Adobe Campaign – Munvo Al leverages data natively in Adobe Campaign and remains flexible for ongoing data enrichment
  • Automatically scalable infrastructure – day or night, Munvo Al scales to your needs to maintain high availability and throughput
  • Security and privacy are standard – Munvo Al requires no personally identifiable information (PII); the AES256 server-side encryption provides industry-leading protection
  • Designed for marketers – Munvo Al abstracts the intricacy of underlying machine learning models and provides an easy-to-use Adobe Campaign interface that gives you complete control

Use Cases

Send an email at the perfect time


Maximize the likelihood of an ‘open’ or ‘click’ with personalized contact timing

Input: Adobe Campaign customer interaction history

Action: Delivery sends each individual their offer at the time of day they are most receptive

Result: Measurably improved conversion rates due to increased opens and clicks, deployed quickly as a plug-and-play solution

Increase engagement for cyclical campaigns


Heighten each customer interaction by tailoring the frequency of touchpoints

Input: Adobe Campaign previous campaign cycle interaction history

Action: Delivery identifies the ideal candidates to target in each wave for optimal engagement

Result: Significantly enhanced responsiveness through a curated customer journey for a quick return on investment

Reduce customer churn


Suppress contact with customers at risk of attrition

Input: Adobe Campaign contact and opt-out history

Action: Marketer defines a maximum opt-out probability of 80% as determined by Delivery

Result: Increased retention with complete transparency, while keeping marketers fully in control

Next best offer


Send the best offer to the right customer at that time

Input: Adobe Campaign offer response history

Action: Marketer defines customer eligibilities for offers, while Priority chooses the offer most likely to be accepted

Result: Increased sales through more relevant offers

Cross-sell and up-sell


Drive sales and improve existing customer satisfaction

Input: Adobe Campaign offer response history and product data

Action: Recommend determines the next most relevant product for each customer, enriching marketer segmentation

Result: Recurring revenue generation and increased customer lifetime value

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