The Power of Integration: Adobe Campaign & Adobe Experience Manager

The Power of Integration

Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager

Presented by Henry Rosvick
On-demand Webinar

Design cross-channel customer experiences like never before

The integration of Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign is changing the digital marketing landscape. In fact, Munvo’s marketing experts continue to capitalize on this integration to deploy consistent and highly personalized omnichannel experiences at scale.

This is why Munvo’s upcoming webinar, hosted by Henry Rosvick, will highlight the benefits of an Adobe Experience Manager and Campaign integration, including:

  • Customizable options for cross-channel content creation
  • Transactional and reusable messaging templates for quick and easy engagement
  • Asset and content consolidation to make team work more manageable

Not only will this live event examine the operational advantages of this integration, it will exhibit exclusive use cases for both email and web app deployments.

Henry Rosvick

Henry Rosvick

Adobe Experience Manager Practice Lead / Senior Consultant

Henry leverages his Software Engineering background and strategic planning expertise to bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions. He continues to expand the Adobe Experience Manager practice at Munvo and empowers clients to deliver high-quality content, efficiently and at scale.

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Timing is Everything: Optimize Customer Contact with AI

Timing is Everything: Optimize Customer Contact with AI

Presented by James Aziz and Charlie Horn

Get to know your customers using AI…

Munvo’s Delivery AI is the leading artificial intelligence platform that tailors the delivery of marketing messages to each of your customers—all in real time. Through its seamless integration with Adobe Campaign, Delivery AI deploys highly personalized communications at the most opportune moment to deepen dialogue with targeted audiences.

Learn how Delivery AI enables you to:

  • Send personalized emails to each of your customers at the perfect time
  • Determine optimal cycles of multi-wave campaigns to contact customers when they are most receptive
  • Suppress contacts who are likely to opt out

Munvo’s upcoming webinar, hosted by James Aziz and Charlie Horn, will showcase the application of Delivery AI to leverage native data from Adobe Campaign and simplify Machine Learning models for an easy-to-use, all-encompassing interface. Not only will this live event unpack the benefits of artificial intelligence for campaign optimization, it will include an exclusive demo of Delivery AI’s innovative features.

James Aziz

James Aziz

Senior Consultant

With a diverse background spanning healthcare, research, enterprise software, and marketing management, James has continued to unlock the remarkable opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) has to offer. At Munvo, James leverages this passion for delivering tailored solutions to the financial and hospitality sectors and helps clients enrich their marketing operations with emerging technologies.

Charlie Horn

Charlie Horn

Munvo Application Consultant

Charlie has expanded his background and experience as a software developer to become an Adobe Certified Master. He continues to oversee large-scale Adobe Campaign implementations for Munvo’s clients across the fields of finance, telecommunications, and hospitality. Charlie’s technical expertise and enthusiastic client engagement has led him to deliver a number of effective solutions in complex environments.

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Adobe Analytics + Campaign Integrations

Contextualized Email Marketing with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign

Tracking your Campaign’s Success through Adobe Analytics Integrations
Marketing and analytics systems have traditionally been compartmentalized as siloed, isolated programs, which can make for slow collaborative efforts and arduous data analysis. Having worked on over 165 Adobe projects, our team at Munvo recognizes the importance of data consolidation when planning, deploying, and tracking email communications.

Now, through the integration of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign, cross-channel marketers can execute consistent reporting on their email initiatives, while effectively reviewing data across all channels. The inclusion of Adobe Analytics in your marketing operations not only allows you to view pertinent engagement details alongside key metrics, it further enhances the interaction between email campaigns and other digital marketing resources to highlight new opportunities for your business to capitalize on.

Adobe Analytics and Campaign integration features:

Dynamic Segmentation for Detailed Metrics and Beyond

Adobe Analytics primarily unleashes the power of your data through advanced segmentation of prospects, with aggregated sources of online and offline data to establish a connected digital ecosystem. This information is refined and consolidated in Adobe Campaign Classic for targeting, where the integrated solution parses distinct sets of data, each with their own attributes for dynamic segmentation.

In other words, you are able to track and measure the success of your email delivery using several specific parameters and valuable segments, which can be altered or updated based on perceived trends and campaign results.

Integrated Data Sources for Stronger Collaboration

Sharing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) between programs has never been easier. When a consumer clicks on a link in an email or newsletter for a particular product or service, this information is stored. Through the use of technical workflows that automatically launch and regularly auto-execute, this KPI data is quickly transmitted and passed on from source to processor.

In this case, Adobe Campaign sends details concerning the number of unique email opens, views, and clicks – as well as recipients who may have ‘abandoned’ the email – back to Adobe Analytics. The total number of email bounces, for example, can help you manage any errors that may have occurred during the delivery, whereas requests to unsubscribe can prompt your enterprise to evaluate the frequency and content of its communications. This encourages your marketing team to reexamine their email efforts, plan around key audiences (both new and returning), and retarget for subsequent waves.

When it comes to integrating Adobe technologies, our consultants have honed their expertise and expanded Munvo’s practice to provide best-in-class support to our clients across a broad range of product integrations. Our Adobe services range from implementation, planning, and product configuration to on-site training and industry best practices. For reliable marketing endeavours, the Munvo team can support your businesses’ integration of Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics to ensure the consistent deployment of high quality, high relevance email campaigns that will capture the attention of customers, and prospects alike.

Interested in learning more about Adobe technology integrations? Be sure to check out our previous blog on Adobe Campaign and AEM.

About Munvo

Munvo is a leading consulting firm helping clients improve their marketing capabilities through a combination of technology implementations, management consulting and marketing run services. In addition, Munvo Lab develops products and connectors for Adobe, SAS, and Unica Marketing Solutions.

Adobe Experience Manager and Unica Campaign: Customer Focus Epitomized

Adobe Experience Manager and Unica Campaign: Customer Focus Epitomized

Integrating AEM with Unica Campaign for Personalized Omnichannel Marketing

Having worked in conjunction with Unica since 2005, our consultants at Munvo have specialized in a variety of projects involving Unica Campaign. What began as software implementation, upgrade services, and management, eventually led to the development of several complex and sophisticated initiatives – many of which have been predicated on the integration of Unica Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

In our clients’ pursuit of creating more innovative omnichannel content, it is no surprise that we’ve turned to, and so capitalized on, the integration of Unica and AEM. Over 90% of online shoppers agree that visually engaging experiences are the most influential factors driving purchase decisions. In response to this demand, the combination of Unica Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager ensures that brands and businesses stay connected to their customers through deeply dynamic interactions.

This AEM integration has consistently served to deliver digital experiences that can be tailored for consumers across all industries – from retail and banking to telco and travel. Ultimately, its capacity for personalization, adaptability, and detailed analysis has prompted Munvo’s deployment of contextualized campaigns that are immersive, relevant, and always compelling.

So how can your business harness Adobe AEM and Unica Campaign for content-driven marketing?

While Munvo’s experience with Unica extends to all modules of the marketing solutions suite, its integration with AEM is highly effective for streamlining marketing processes. Of course, Unica can be combined with a number of content managers, but its integration with AEM is particularly fitting. Not only does AEM work well with Campaign, its compatibility extends to both Interact and Plan. It is this convenience and flexibility that allows users to quickly adapt their content based on various consumer needs and contexts.

More specifically, Unica can consistently target the ideal audience across all channels. AEM, meanwhile, provides creative and visual content for more compelling interactions designed around customer profile attributes. Marketers will then be able to do randomized A/B testing to compare the audience’s receptivity to distinct marketing materials (i.e. contrasting supporting visuals). Through diverse personalization features, you can put together thorough and timely digital assets that will actually resonate with the right audiences.

The integration between Unica Campaign and AEM also prompts you to connect with consumers in real time, based on their exact place within the current customer journey. This can provide insight on potential buyers so that your team is able to strategize and further direct the conversation.

Seeing as performance is measured while the engagement occurs, you’ll be notified when any sort of immediate action is required. This heightened system of surveillance and error prevention gives your creative and marketing departments the control and agility to actively manage customer experiences, without having to rely on IT intervention to make specific changes. In other words, it allows them to resolve and respond to end-user issues, inquiries, and requests directly, instead of seeking out external sources of support.

It’s time to rethink the way that content reaches and engages its recipients. For a reliable marketing ecosystem that is well-maintained and up to date, you’ll want to deploy interactive digital campaigns efficiently and at scale. Almost 15 years and 200 projects later, our consultants at Munvo can now fully attest to the power and performance of Unica Campaign when paired with AEM.

About Munvo

Munvo is a leading consulting firm helping clients improve their marketing capabilities through a combination of technology implementations, management consulting and marketing run services. In addition, Munvo Lab develops products and connectors for Adobe, SAS, and Unica Marketing Solutions.

Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign: An Integration to Remember

Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign: An Integration to Remember

Discover How Integrating AEM with Adobe Campaign can Enhance your Omni-Channel Marketing Practice

As an Adobe partner, we at Munvo recognize that content creation lies at the core of any productive marketing strategy, activity, or cross-channel initiative. While businesses often use their campaign management applications separately from content management tools, a simple integration between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Campaign can substantially improve their overarching marketing operations. In fact, this combination of Adobe products can help your company deploy consistent and highly personalized omni-channel experiences tailored and targeted to consumers across all industries. It’s no wonder that Adobe once likened AEM and Adobe Campaign’s compatibility to mixing chocolate with peanut butter.

In light of Adobe’s adaptable technologies, this article will draw from Munvo’s Adobe expertise to highlight the different ways that you can use Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Campaign to better streamline content creation processes and accelerate campaign time to market.

Find out How Adobe AEM and Adobe Campaign Integrations Can Improve your Marketing Operations:

Maintain Consistent Practices

Time and time again, we have seen Munvo’s clients benefit from the integration of Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign. Underlying this success remains the capacity to create, deploy, and manage content that is both clear and consistent. By leveraging AEM’s email templates and drag-and-drop capabilities, in conjunction with Adobe Campaign’s personalization variables, you can optimize your marketing practice to create compelling email journeys. This integration serves to help your business capitalize on easy wins through the real-time synchronization of various Adobe tools and applications, such as advanced data and charting through AEM Forms’ Interactive Communications.

Keep Customers Interested through Personalized Digital Experiences

It’s no secret that real-time personalization is crucial for getting contemporary consumers to pay attention to – let alone engage with – your business’ marketing materials. In the ongoing pursuit of effective customer relevancy, marketers are under increasing pressure to manage an unprecedented volume of complex campaigns, each with a wide range of personalization options.

By combining Adobe tools, you can facilitate the deployment of advanced omnichannel experiences at scale. Not only does this interactive use of AEM and Adobe Campaign give users access to new personalization features that would otherwise be unavailable, together they can guide marketers to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of real-time personalization.

Deploy Campaigns Quickly and Efficiently

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money,” as well as the more assertive marketing mantra “to create three times the amount of content in twice less the amount of time.” An integration between Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign can increase the velocity of just about any campaign’s time to market. By harnessing the Digital Asset Manager tool from AEM to host image/video assets from Adobe Campaign, you can take advantage of flexible drag-and-drop functionalities. In particular, the combination of AEM’s Digital Asset Manager with Adobe Campaign prompts the use and creation of templates that lock in the structure of your email, and so, better enable their drag-and-drop capabilities.

You can also utilize the powerful publishing and approval workflows to augment delivery time. These workflows in AEM ensure that content is fully approved before it gets pushed out to customers. In other words, you’ll have the capacity to deliver approved messages first authored in AEM directly via Adobe Campaign. By integrating the two, you can optimize the process of developing and disseminating [1]

Take Preventative Measures to Avoid Potential Errors

It’s time to minimize your manual mistakes. The rate and reoccurrence of human error is entirely manageable thanks to Adobe Experience Manager’s integration with Adobe Campaign. With AEM’s integration, you’ll have access to all the Adobe Campaign tools, assets, and pre-built templates necessary to compose personalized email messages without discrepancies. User data is, essentially, pre-populated to facilitate form submission, so that you and your creative team won’t actually need to learn how to use Adobe Campaign to develop highly personalized emails.

Thanks to the AEM and AC integration, businesses have reported a substantial drop in errors from 3-10 per week (approx. 16 hours of weekly reconciliation and rebuild time) to only 1 error every two weeks (less than 1.5 weekly hours to recuperate and rectify issues).[2] After all, error prevention is the key to expediting effective marketing materials to consumers.

Deliberate and Divide Tasks for Strategic Teamwork

Although collaborative campaigns can get chaotic due to versioning, quality control, and operational task division, the integration of Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign enables colleagues to work together in perfect harmony. Your creative and marketing teams will be equipped to consolidate data from different systems, and ultimately, unify and personalize your company’s website, emails, and marketing materials. This integration then allows for efficient metadata storage, handle versioning, and image resizing in response to various devices. It also simplifies the process of transferring content directly from Adobe Campaign to AEM without a hassle, while reusing AEM assets without the necessity of copying files from one system to another.

Next Steps

In the MarTech industry, we all want to work rapidly, save time, and increase productivity. These objectives are now increasingly attainable thanks to interactive capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign.

Since 2013, Munvo’s 50+ Adobe certified experts have provided extensive services in streamlining content creation and accelerating campaign time to market, all while eliminating technology silos and complex data flows. AEM’s intuitive content creation and management capabilities are especially powerful when paired with Adobe Campaign’s propensity for refined reporting, measurement, and development. By embracing adaptable functionality enhancements within the Adobe Experience Cloud, you can fully amplify your business’s marketing initiatives.


[1] Note that these numbers refer to the experiences of our clients, reported internally at Munvo, 2018-2019.

[2] Ibid, 2018-2019.

About Munvo

Munvo is a leading consulting firm helping clients improve their marketing capabilities through a combination of technology implementations, management consulting and marketing run services. In addition, Munvo Lab develops products and connectors for Adobe, SAS, and Unica Marketing Solutions.

The SAS Global Forum Recap: 3 Key Takeaways

The SAS Global Forum Recap: 3 Key Takeaways

Get the Munvo Team’s Firsthand Account of the 2019 SAS Global Forum

We’re back! The Munvo team has returned from yet another immersive tech conference – this time, the 2019 SAS Global Forum held in Dallas, Texas. As we look back at all the events that have transpired over the course of this year’s gala, we reflect on just how aptly the forum fulfilled its theme, Analytics in Action.

From April 28-May 1, team members from Munvo’s Canadian and American offices explored the world of SAS; its products, services, and most recent MarTech innovations. During this time, we chose from a variety of over 700 scheduled sessions and dynamic workshops to attend. With more than 5000 participants, including leaders from global brands and trusted SAS partners, the 2019 Global Forum proved that everything really is bigger in Texas!

Discover Munvo’s 3 Main Takeaways from the 2019 SAS Global Forum:

The ‘Power of the Partner’ Rings True

The SAS Partner Forum on April 28 is where the Munvo team most effectively learned how to engage and build on our profound role as a SAS Focus Partner. This exclusive event is the only one of its kind that highlights how global brands can gain even more value from their respective SAS partnerships and collaborations. Speakers from various organizations shared their executive insights and expertise on a wide range of subjects pertinent to us. Munvo’s specialization in Customer Intelligence (CI) products – Customer Intelligence 360 (CI 360), Marketing Automation (MA), Real-Time Decision Management (RTDM)®, Marketing Optimization (MO)®, and the marketing operations management tool, CI 360 Plan – led us to examine the evolving Customer Intelligence hybrid architecture, as well as to discuss new product features with the Development and Product Management teams over at SAS

David Franklin, the keynote speaker and founder/CEO of Cloud Co-Op, drew from his 20+ years of experience in tech to emphasize the necessity of solid governance, growth, and implementation strategies with SAS. Not only did he attest to the crucial development of strong partner-to-partner relationships, he explained how fortifying these collaborative dynamics can lead to the expansion of your customer base.

During his presentation, Franklin also took some time to discuss his VETS2CLOUD Apprenticeship program, which provides veterans with real-world paid business experience through direct coaching within the industry. Conference attendees were similarly encouraged to learn about SAS’s Data for Good initiative, which capitalizes on the power of analytics to help solve humanitarian crises internationally.

As official sponsors of Swab the World – an organization dedicated to diversifying blood cell donors – we at Munvo understand the importance of giving back to our community, which is why the philanthropic message of the 2019 SAS Forum resonated with us so strongly. In fact, we were able to see how the Analytics in Action mantra could be applied firsthand through data-driven initiatives that aim to ameliorate people’s everyday lives.

The Takeaway?

While the depth of professional partnerships may vary, it is important to align yourself with causes and corporations that correspond to your core business values. In committing to the cultivation of increasingly meaningful relationships, your organization should always put in the same amount of hard work and dedication that you would like to see reciprocated.

Love to Learn, Long Term

The SAS Global Forum creates learning experiences that intuitively anticipate each attendee’s personal preferences. From classroom-style discussion to hands-on experimentation, the event was well – equipped and ready to accommodate its guests. Our team, naturally, sought to attend as many detailed presentations and workshops as possible. After all, they were conveniently divided into sections of both 20 and 50 minutes, which allowed for flexible conference scheduling.

Customer Intelligence was the central focus of several major presentations. There was even a private session limited to clients and select partners (like Munvo!), meant to unpack strategies for enhanced marketing capabilities. Other sessions we attended include talks on Analytics in AWS and Content Targeting Segmentation with CI360, both of which imparted a wealth of new information to our team.

On the third day of the conference, keynote speaker Reshma Saujani gave a compelling presentation that touched on the themes of learning and diversity in analytics. Along with being a lawyer, author, and TED Speaker, Saujani is the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code – a national non-profit organization aiming to close the gender gap in tech. During her talk, she implored industry leaders to mentor and empower women within an increasingly competitive field, while similarly encouraging more women to step out of their comfort zone, take risks, and embrace new challenges. She even highlighted a few projects from the Girls Who Code initiative that have gone on to achieve international recognition.

In addition, there were interactive ‘how-to’ demos and Super Demo Stations that covered just about any topic imaginable, from analytics and business intelligence to data management, programming, and marketing solutions. The Learning Lab also gave participants the chance to peruse plenty of visual material and tackle free e-learning courses, while the 10-minute SAS Quick Tips were available for those who generally prefer concise subject overviews or best practice summaries. More than this, the SAS Global Forum incorporates a Post-Conference Training program as part of its offerings, in order to extend your conference experience and continue learning beyond the dates of the event. 

The Takeaway?

The SAS Global Forum was organized so that the most prominent data and analytic hot topics were clearly conveyed and communicated – regardless of your professional background or preferred learning style.

Connect and Collaborate with Industry Leaders

This year’s conference provided us with an ideal atmosphere to catch up on the latest trends in data management, alongside some top leaders in the MarTech industry. For this reason, we must reiterate the event’s overarching ambiance to accurately wrap up our SAS Forum Recap.

The schedule and set up were organized so that we could easily meet and connect with new peers. Not only were we welcomed with a Happy Hour celebration upon our arrival, the Quad’s ‘tradeshow’ atmosphere was perfect for mingling with other SAS specialists and sponsors from the beginning to the very end of the Global Forum.

For North and South American visitors specifically, the SAS Cala – or, the Canadian and Latin American Gala – made for an excellent networking opportunity that could potentially lead to new partnerships.

Meanwhile, the Kickback Party on April 30 was, by far, one of the most beloved occasions for socializing. Guests were invited to Gilley’s Dallas, a massive 90 000 square-foot venue, or ‘playground’ for adults to shoot pool, ride a mechanical bull, enjoy live country music, or simply dance the night away.

The Takeaway?

Work and play go hand-in-hand in the world of SAS! The forum’s emphasis on human connection once again reinforces their Analytics in Action mantra.

In light of the information absorbed over our four days at the SAS Global Forum, this Munvo Recap unpacks just a few of the team’s main highlights, insights, and observations. There’s so much more information for us to review and reflect on, in order to continue solidifying our SAS practice. As we look ahead to next year’s event, we’ll be ready to get learning again!

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About Munvo

Munvo is a leading consulting firm helping clients improve their marketing capabilities through a combination of technology implementations, management consulting and marketing run services. In addition, Munvo Lab develops products and connectors for Adobe, SAS, and Unica Marketing Solutions.

The Adobe Summit Recap: 3 Key Takeaways

The Adobe Summit Recap: 3 Key Takeaways

Get the Munvo Team’s Firsthand Account of the 2019 Digital Experience Conference

It’s a wrap: the Munvo team has returned from Las Vegas, officially marking the end of yet another impressive Adobe Summit. As discussed in our previous post, this year’s conference promised an experience that would be innovative, informative, and inspiring – and it certainly delivered.

From March 26-28, 10 of us from Munvo Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and California, inhabited the Venetian in Vegas for a period of proactive learning and networking. During this time, our team chose from a variety of over 300 immersive sessions and workshops to attend. With more than 17,000 participants, including leaders from global brands and trusted Adobe partners, the 2019 Digital Experience Conference proved to be the biggest and most exciting yet. It’s no wonder that 99% of ticket-holders reported that the summit met or even exceeded their expectations. Our colleagues at Munvo fall into that same category, which is why we want to share our Adobe Summit Recap, and ultimately, impart our knowledge of what went down this year.

The Munvo Team at the 2019 Adobe Summit

Munvo’s 3 Main Takeaways from the 2019 Adobe Summit:

Adobe Experience Cloud Keeps Marketers in Mind

Let’s begin our Adobe Summit Recap with a discussion of customer experience. Customer Experience Management (CEM) was an overarching theme at this year’s Digital Experience Conference. The 2017 name change from the Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) to the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) perhaps most obviously encapsulates this priority. Of course, it also aligns with the brand’s motto. In the words of Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen: “People buy experiences. Not products.”

From session to session, the subject of delivering consistent and relevant omni-channel experiences at scale repeatedly came up, as it lies at the centre of Adobe Campaign, a tool designed for the modern-day marketer. The release of the Adobe Experience Cloud platform further simplifies and optimizes the end-to-end process of creating and delivering personalized customer experiences at scale. More than this, it allows for the real-time management of customer profiles enabled by a robust set of digital marketing applications, such as Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, Advertising Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and Commerce Cloud.

Having specialized in marketing consulting for over 14 years, we at Munvo recognize the value of capitalizing on crucial integrations to enhance marketing practices, and by extension, customer engagement. The 2019 Adobe Summit highlighted the inclusion of Marketo and Magento to the Adobe Experience Cloud for this purpose. While Marketo, a worldwide leader in B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketing Automation was added to the Marketing Cloud, Magento instead created its own unique Commerce Cloud. The incorporation of these two applications furthers Adobe’s reach for B2B and E-Commerce marketers across all industries. As such, there was a palpable sense of enthusiasm for both Marketo and Magento throughout the entirety of the Adobe Summit.

The Takeaway?

It’s time to embrace new developments and functionality enhancements within Adobe’s Experience Cloud to take your marketing initiatives to new heights!

Continuous Learning is Key

The next section of our Adobe Summit Recap is devoted to the topic of empathy and company culture, which Shantanu Narayen believes are conductive to innovative marketing practices. During Narayen’s collaborative session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, they outlined their secret to driving business outcomes. According to Nadella, marketers must transition from a ‘know-it-all’ mindset to one that is interested in learning it all, in order to achieve and maintain success.

At Munvo, we similarly believe that ongoing learning is vital for reaching both our short- and long-term goals. With tools such as Munvo’s e-learning platform, EMM School (Enterprise Marketing Management), immersive training events, and enthusiastic support to pursue technology certifications from our partners (Adobe included!), you can see why Nadella’s message resonated so strongly with us.

It is this volition to keep on learning that also led us to embrace the Adobe Experience League, an online program for guided learning to help just about anyone master the Adobe Experience Cloud. After all, the experience league permits its users to review and apply knowledge directly from the Adobe sessions to their own marketing practices.

The Takeaway?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or expert user of the Adobe Experience Cloud! Once you walk into the Adobe Summit, you’ll be given an equal opportunity to listen, learn, and contribute to the conversation.

It’s Never Been Easier to Connect and Collaborate with Digital Marketing/Experience Leaders

Our Adobe Summit Recap would not be complete without reiterating Adobe’s attention to the attendees’ overall networking opportunities. This year’s conference provided us with the ideal atmosphere to catch up on the latest trends in customer experience management alongside some top leaders in the MarTech industry. The schedule and set up were organized in a way that made it easy for us to meet new peers and collaborate with independent businesses and Adobe partners alike. There were plenty of occasions to connect with likeminded individuals during the Welcome Reception and Community Mixer – not to mention the Summit Bash where we enjoyed a performance by The Killers. The Community Pavilion was also convenient for engaging with Adobe product experts and other technology providers, whereas the Partner Area was particularly useful for us at Munvo, as a longstanding Adobe partner.

Meanwhile, each hour-long session at this year’s summit concluded with its own specialized Q&A to ensure maximum participation among attendees. It was motivational for us to partake in a larger dialogue and have our voices heard. This also led to plenty of conversation following the sessions, which built a sense of community among attendees to contribute their respective best practices and preferences.

The Takeaway?

Adobe’s emphasis on human connection and personalization is not only limited to their tools and products; it informs and inspires the events that they host, as epitomized by this year’s Digital Experience Conference.

In light of all the information absorbed over our three days at the Adobe sessions, Munvo’s Adobe Summit Recap unpacks just a few of our firsthand highlights, insights, and observations. Naturally, each individual experience at the summit will differ. How much you get out of the annual event chiefly relies on you! If you remain a curious and proactive participant, then you’ll surely be as moved as we were. All in all, the Munvo team is already looking forward to next year’s Digital Experience Conference.

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About Munvo

Munvo is a leading consulting firm helping clients improve their marketing capabilities through a combination of technology implementations, management consulting and marketing run services. In addition, Munvo Lab develops products and connectors for Adobe, SAS, and Unica Marketing Solutions.

Advanced Real-Time Personalization

Advanced Real-Time Personalization

Presented by: Craig Nathan and Jason Kim

Interactions and Insights. Impressions and Engagement.

At Munvo, we recognize the importance of real-time personalization to accelerate and ensure the success of your next marketing campaign. Companies around the world are increasingly turning to Campaign Management Systems (CMS) to amplify customer engagement across all channels. It has never been more crucial to retrieve and examine customer insights, which is why our team at Munvo focuses on the development of omnichannel marketing practices to further benefit your business.

In collaboration with Craig Nathan and Jason Kim from Tangerine, we discuss innovative approaches to personalizing customer interactions through different technolgies, key learnings, and best practices. From collaborative brainstorming, technological testing and experimentation, to enhanced targeting and analytic assessments, this webinar highlights how you can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of advanced personalization.

Presented by:

Craig Nathan

Craig Nathan

Product Owner

Craig is currently the Product Owner of Tangerine’s Insights channel, where he is responsible for delivering real-time communications to Clients. After nearly 20 years in IT, Craig transitioned to the Marketing team to help align their IBM Campaign and Interact solution with the vision of providing engaging communications to Clients.

Jason Kim

Jason Kim

Marketing Customer Relationship Manager

Jason has been a key member of Tangerine’s Marketing Customer Relationship Management team for almost 10 years. Jason’s deep technical knowledge, coupled with strong business acumen, has made him an asset on most Marketing initiatives at Tangerine. On a daily basis, Jason tackles complex Marketing and technology problems that usually involve data analytics, systems integration, and marketing communications.

Watch the Presentation

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Download a copy of the Advanced Real-Time Personalization presentation:

2019 Adobe Summit: 5 Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

2019 Adobe Summit: 5 Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

Munvo Unpacks the Most Anticipated Adobe Campaign Sessions at This Year’s Adobe Summit

Adobe Promises an Innovative, Informative, and Inspiring Event

The Adobe Summit is one of the most talked about tech events each year – and the 2019 Digital Experience Conference is no exception. A number of our Munvo consultants (10 of our team members, to be exact!) will be in Las Vegas from March 26-28 for a period of interactive learning, listening, and networking.

An annual tradition, the Adobe Summit is packed with ample A-list presenters who will impart their wisdom, advice, and share inspirational success stories with attendees. In fact, this season’s schedule comprises of more than 300 informative sessions. That’s why we perused the itinerary ahead of time, to narrow down several talks that our Munvo specialists recommend for current and aspiring users of Adobe Campaign.

Take a Look at Munvo’s Top 5 Must-See Sessions at This Year’s Adobe Summit

S114 – Acronym-mageddon! Data Technologies Everywhere!


Dan Raff, Expert, Adobe
Joe Berg, Marketing Manager, 3M


Tuesday, March 26
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Get settled in and start off with Dan Raffe and Joe Berg’s session on leading data technologies today. In this talk, Berg, the Marketing Manager over at 3M, will outline how the development of a data-driven economy has shaped his business. Raffe, a renowned Adobe Expert, will also reveal the importance of analyzing and understanding consumer data on all levels, from its storage and organization to the way that it is activated in a complex ecosystem for marketing and IT teams alike.

S108 – Transforming Customer Data into High-Value Audiences


Kris Groulx, Manager of Analytics and Insights, TELUS
Nagrendra Nukala, Multi-Solutions Architect, Adobe


Tuesday, March 26
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

While the first day of the Adobe Summit is often filled with orientation-style festivities, you’ll want to make it out to Kris Groulx and Nagendra Nukala’s discussion of TELUS’s digital journey. Groulx, who manages Insights and Analytics at TELUS, pairs up with Adobe’s Multi-Solution Architect, Nukala, to examine TELUS’s personalization strategies. More specifically, they will provide insights on how to master Adobe Audience Manager (AAM), a data management platform (DMP) meant to improve your targeted marketing initiatives.

S309 – Pushing the Limits of Email Design and Innovation


Bruce Swann, Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
David DeVore, Founder and CEO, Story Ports


Wednesday, March 27
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Digital marketers, developers, and campaign managers are equally excited for Bruce Swann and David DeVore’s collaborative talk. This session, hosted by the Group Product Manager at Adobe and the Founder/CEO of Story Ports, respectively, explores the most current and cutting-edge capabilities available for dynamic email design and the deployment of engaging campaigns. Most importantly, Swann and DeVore will provide tips and tricks for mastering cross-channel experiences that intersect – whether it be through the overlap of social media, email, and/or website design.

S981 – Digital Transformation in Life Sciences: A MarTech Perspective


Joe George, Head of Marketing Technology COE, Abbvie Inc.
Thomas Swanson, Head of Industry Strategy and Marketing, Adobe


Thursday, March 28
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

On the last day of the Adobe Summit, you’ll want to rise early enough to catch Joe George and Thomas Swanson’s discussion of digital transformation and its implications on running a successful MarTech business today. In this talk, Abbvie’s Head of Marketing Technology, George, joins forces with Swanson, the Head of Industry Strategy and Marketing at Adobe, to outline the tangible ways that digital transformation processes are actually implemented.

S304 – Triple Threat: 24 Hour Fitness, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Adobe Campaign


Ben Tepfer, Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, Adobe
Mike Carney, Vice President of Marketing, 24 Hour Fitness


Thursday, March 28
2:30 AM – 3:30 AM

Why not end your summit experience with a use case that prioritizes personal fitness and lifestyle goals? Leave it to Ben Tepfer, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, and Mike Carney, the VP of Marketing at 24 Hour Fitness, to showcase various methods for effectively connecting with consumers as they navigate complex customer journeys. Together, they will highlight the value of both knowing and prioritizing your audience.

More to Come

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many sessions that you should see if you’re currently working with or planning on adopting Adobe Campaign. Other notable speakers include actress, producer, and entrepreneur, Reese Witherspoon, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, comedian Mindy Kaling, and of course, Adobe President, Shantanu Narayen – not to mention a long-awaited performance by The Killers. It is no wonder that Adobe promotes its digital conference as “a week that will change your thinking about brand experiences.”

Be sure to stay tuned for a follow-up blog, as our colleagues will be reporting back from Las Vegas to share their take on the 2019 Adobe Summit.

Are you also attending the Digital Experience Conference? Feel free to contact us using the form below if you’re interested in meeting up at the conference.

About Munvo

Munvo is a leading consulting firm helping clients improve their marketing capabilities through a combination of technology implementations, management consulting and marketing run services. In addition, Munvo Lab develops products and connectors for Adobe, SAS, and Unica Marketing Solutions.

How AEM 6.5 Benefits your Business

How AEM 6.5 Benefits your Business

Personalize Customer Journeys with AEM 6.5

Marketing specialists rejoice in the wake of Adobe Experience Manager’s (AEM) 6.5 release. As certified Adobe marketing solutions partners, the consultants here at Munvo have responded with an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm. This latest upgrade involves cutting-edge features to better support digital marketers and IT developers alike. From automatic scaling to quick edit and personalization functions, you’ll be able to refine your AEM practice, and as a result, enhance your customer’s overarching experience.

In this article, we dig deeper to demonstrate how you can take full advantage of AEM’s latest capabilities and lead in Customer Experience Management (CXM) – from the beginning to the very end of your next campaign.

Here are 3 ways that AEM 6.5 can help you achieve your marketing aims:


One major priority of AEM’s recent upgrade is to provide users with a faster and more efficient virtual workspace. Put simply, Version 6.5 was designed to both customize and consolidate marketing operations. It can, primarily, be used to edit Single Page Applications (SPAs), such as websites built using the React or Angular JavaScript frameworks.

The Adobe Asset Link, now readily available, also permits users to locate and reuse their digital assets directly within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. At the same time, the Brand Portal transfer service promotes teamwork through the collaborative management of these digital assets. By facilitating the process of editing and reworking marketing material, AEM empowers its users to make changes in real time.


AEM’s cloud agility solidifies your company’s IT support with backup so that team members are prepared to spring into action, should any issues arise. Users can optimize workflows through an accelerated speed-up delivery that will consistently deploy and regulate digital campaigns, expediting their time to market. In fact, AEM’s new autoscaling service detects spikes and drops in traffic as they occur, which instantly alters the number of active servers running. AEM 6.5 tracks all activity to minimize downtime, reduce risks, and ensure that no customer experience is hindered by technical difficulties.


In addition to these functions, the Automated Forms Conversion service digitizes data capture by converting original print to adaptive, device-friendly forms. Adobe’s upgrade includes a Smart Crop tool that is tailored to accommodate video content on just about any device – whether it be a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile phone. Perhaps most impressively, this feature (powered through Adobe Sensei’s AI) can intuitively identify and crop the most vital facets of your video in order to produce a refined online viewing experience for your audience. In a world where consumers own and actively use multiple devices, personalization is key. It is imperative that your business adjusts to all possible channels – a goal that is increasingly attainable with AEM 6.5.

Keeping today’s competitive climate in mind, it is worth showing your customers just how much you value them, no matter what industry you’re in. After all, consumers are empowered to navigate digital platforms (and dismiss them!) at a speed that is unprecedented. The quality of your marketing initiatives depends on a solid digital transformation strategy. That’s why our Munvo consultants are eager to employ and experiment with Adobe’s latest version. With AEM 6.5, users can now convey relevant and personalized messages so that they are highly effective, carefully controlled, and humanizing in essence.

About Munvo

Munvo is a leading consulting firm helping clients improve their marketing capabilities through a combination of technology implementations, management consulting and marketing run services. In addition, Munvo Lab develops products and connectors for Adobe, SAS, and Unica Marketing Solutions.