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Accelerate your career with Munvo – where your work truly matters

We are a leading consulting firm assisting global companies with marketing software solutions. On top of our professional software implementation services for Adobe, SAS, and Unica marketing solutions, we also develop custom products and connectors tailored to our clients’ needs. Munvo’s team of over 100 employees can be found at any of our centralized offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary.

As we continue to grow, we’re always searching for hardworking professionals that value hands-on learning and collaborative success. Explore our job postings below and see what the future has in store.


12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Actively contribute to the exciting digital transformation of our society

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Establish yourself as a consultant or software developer through innovative practices and mentoring

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Work in conjunction with, and deliver solutions to, prestigious global corporations

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Learn various industries through hands-on projects

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Travel for work in North America, Europe and abroad

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Obtain access to first-rate tools and equipment, including a high-performance laptop and AWS cloud instances

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Enrollment in Munvo’s e-learning platform, Munvo University, where you will learn the fundamentals of Marketing, Technology, Methodology and Consulting

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Receive support to pursue various technology certifications – an excellent addition to your resume!

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Enjoy Munvo’s centralized downtown office locations, with optional relocation if you would like to work in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Malaga or in the US

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Attend the annual off-site, company-wide 3-day corporate summit – this includes team-building activities, keynote speakers, corporate and technology trend updates and more!

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Frequent employee gatherings, dinners, and activities, such as yoga, soccer, climbing and running clubs

12 Reasons to Work With Munvo

Open-concept work space with vibrant common areas, a fully-furnished kitchen and espresso machines!

Onboarding with Munvo

Careers - Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching

To help integrate newcomers, Munvo encourages a continual Mentoring and Coaching approach to help facilitate each learning experience. This methodology offers trainees with easy access to Munvo best-practices and additional resources from senior consultants.

Careers - Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learns

Munvo Lunch and Learns help consultants stay up-to-date on various topics by encouraging subject matter experts to share their knowledge with other team members every two weeks over lunch.

Careers -  EMM School

Munvo University

The Munvo University is an online learning and certification environment designed to accelerate the training of Munvo consultants on Enterprise Marketing solutions. Munvo University is built on 4 main pillars: Marketing, Technology, Methodology, and Consulting.

Careers - Agora


Five times a year, Munvo hosts a company-wide Agora meeting to update all team members on various topics such as project accomplishments, corporate initiatives, industry trends, and an introduction for newcomers. These sessions are a great way to bring team members all together and to strengthen everyone’s knowledge in our field.

Careers - Bootcamp


Bootcamps are intensive on-site, multi-day training sessions focused on different Munvo-related topics such as marketing solutions, consulting best practices and emerging technologies. Bootcamps are a great way to jump-start your career and to get to know the Munvo team.

Careers - Summit Meeting

Summit Meeting

Munvo Summits are 3-day meetings conducted in a resort a week before the holiday break. Summits are a unique opportunity to review the year’s accomplishments and to share plans and objectives for the upcoming year. Our different offices converge together to share stories, update each other on their latest projects, make connections and have fun.