5 Best Practices for Successful Mobile Marketing

5 Best Practices for Successful Mobile Marketing

Stay ahead in today’s shifting mobile marketing culture

Today’s ‘mobile-first’ mentality drives marketing campaigns that are increasingly dynamic and highly contextualized. It has never been so crucial to market your business to mobile users whose handheld devices are always in sight. Despite lingering uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, mobile remains the fastest growing channel to engage in meaningful marketing communications. All it takes is the right approach to incorporate response tracking into your marketing automation solution, and to create messages that connect deeply with your targeted audiences.

Munvo’s 5 best practices for mastering your mobile marketing initiatives:

Best Practice #1: Visualize the conversation from your audience’s point of view

We’ve all heard the expression to “put yourself in other peoples’ shoes.” Parallel to that old precept, the best way to build consistent and logical mobile conversations is to imagine or even adopt the recipient’s perspective. What happens to SMS or MMS campaigns if users go off script? Perhaps they’d like to opt out or ask for further assistance? Where else might they veer the conversation?


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