3 Steps to Building 1-to-1 Relationships with Event-Based Triggers

3 Steps to Building 1-to-1 Relationships with Event-Based Triggers
Are your marketing strategies well aligned to support personalized messaging across your customers’ journeys? Creating behavior-based customer journeys to deliver the right message at the right time in the right channel sounds easy – but it can quickly become complex. The solution? Salesforce Journey Builder.
Salesforce Journey Builder is a customer life cycle management tool within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Fully leveraging the benefits of Journey Builder requires an understanding of how it supports your marketing efforts such as increasing engagement. The Journey Builder platform allows marketers to intuitively drag-and-drop actions to map out a seamless customer experience. It allows marketers to deliver cross-channel personalized experiences by connecting every interaction across touchpoints (web, email, mobile, ads, and more). More importantly, it allows marketers to adjust journeys in real-time based on event-based triggers. Your team will be able to capture information on your website such as browsing behaviour and subsequently, push ads that promote the same product.

Event-based triggers automatically send external events based on your customer’s actions.

How to Build 1-to-1 Relationships with Event-Based Triggers
  • Gather customer data based on browsing behaviours and purchase history.
  • Be proactive. Adjust customers’ paths based on changing preferences to invariably ensure personalized messaging.
  • Trigger messages based on real-time events such as purchases and downloads.
  • Align and ensure consistent messaging across channels.
3 Steps to Building Omni-Channel Customer Journey
  1. Create a roadmap for every customer journey

A roadmap enables you to clearly define and understand the customer life cycle and be able to visually lay out the multiple paths a customers can flow through. This exercise will allow marketers to analyze the individual touchpoints and the customer experience as a whole.

  1. Understand what you can do with Journey Builder

To provide value and create great customer experiences, you and your team must understand how to use the tool and maximize Journey Builder’s capabilities. Munvo helps marketers and tech teams alike navigate their tech stack by implementing a comprehensive training plan.

  1. Increase engagement and drive revenue with personalization

Reach customers where they are and capitalize on key buying moments with SMS Gateway. Expand your omni-channel approach by adding conversational SMS to Salesforce Journey Builder.

Munvo’s SMS Gateway facilitates dialogue between businesses and their customers through real-time, mobile messaging. Its user-driven, no code solution allows you send SMS alerts in real-time, such as limited time offers and shipment tracking information, while enabling customers to act on it. Learn more about how you can initiate real-time conversations with your customers with SMS Gateway.

If this is sounds like what you need to increase engagement with your customers, and you want to know more, book a call with us.

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