3 Areas of Change for Demand-Side Platforms in 2017

3 Areas of Change for Demand-Side Platforms in 2017

It is safe to say that 2016 became the post queries per second (QPS) era for Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) and cross-channel media buying solutions. Whether a DSP can drive visibility of 500,000 impressions/second or 3 million impressions/second, the availability for purchase became less of a competitive differentiator across all cross-channel media buying platforms.

Today, most brands assume that DSPs should automatically be integrated with all the main ad-exchanges while delivering cross-channel reach with at least 1 million QPS. At the same time, if a platform is lacking in ad-exchange integrations, companies will compensate by integrating BidSwitch and tapping into the missing supply.

So, when it comes to cross-device and cross-channel user targeting, what are some of the upcoming differentiators that DSPs are going to leverage in 2017? How much of an impact will large Fortune 1000 advertising brands have in reshaping new DSP functionalities?

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