Timing is Everything: Optimize Customer Contact with AI

Presented by James Aziz and Charlie Horn

Get to know your customers using AI…

Munvo’s Delivery AI is the leading artificial intelligence platform that tailors the delivery of marketing messages to each of your customers—all in real time. Through its seamless integration with Adobe Campaign, Delivery AI deploys highly personalized communications at the most opportune moment to deepen dialogue with targeted audiences.

Learn how Delivery AI enables you to:

  • Send personalized emails to each of your customers at the perfect time
  • Determine optimal cycles of multi-wave campaigns to contact customers when they are most receptive
  • Suppress contacts who are likely to opt out

Munvo’s upcoming webinar, hosted by James Aziz and Charlie Horn, will showcase the application of Delivery AI to leverage native data from Adobe Campaign and simplify Machine Learning models for an easy-to-use, all-encompassing interface. Not only will this live event unpack the benefits of artificial intelligence for campaign optimization, it will include an exclusive demo of Delivery AI’s innovative features.

James Aziz

James Aziz

Senior Consultant

With a diverse background spanning healthcare, research, enterprise software, and marketing management, James has continued to unlock the remarkable opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) has to offer. At Munvo, James leverages this passion for delivering tailored solutions to the financial and hospitality sectors and helps clients enrich their marketing operations with emerging technologies.

Charlie Horn

Charlie Horn

Munvo Application Consultant

Charlie has expanded his background and experience as a software developer to become an Adobe Certified Master. He continues to oversee large-scale Adobe Campaign implementations for Munvo’s clients across the fields of finance, telecommunications, and hospitality. Charlie’s technical expertise and enthusiastic client engagement has led him to deliver a number of effective solutions in complex environments.

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