Reliable Solutions in Virtual Times:

The Power of Adobe Package Migration

Presented by Andrew Didinchuk

Reliability has never been so important…

More employees are working from home than ever before – and ensuring the deployment of successful campaigns and maintenance of entire environments is critical to your business success. Proper migration practices with consistent documentation and regulated processes are paramount to ensure stability during these times, especially while collaborating remotely.

Andrew Didinchuk, the Adobe Practice Lead at Munvo, will demonstrate how to effectively utilize the Development, Staging, and Production (DSP) model with Adobe Campaign for enhanced collaboration between team members. This informative presentation will not only show how leveraging package migration can reduce human error – Andrew will share his expertise on automated deployment pipelines that move platform configurations between environments to limit bottlenecks and other common risks.

Register for our webinar and discover how Adobe package migration can reinforce project management in production and facilitate collaborative efforts through archived versioning, simple rollbacks, and more.

Andrew Didinchuk

Andrew Didinchuk

VP Adobe Practice, Munvo

With over 25 Adobe Campaign implementations and 50+ successful Adobe projects complete to date, Andrew has played a crucial role in developing Munvo’s Adobe capabilities. As VP Adobe Practice, he not only leads Munvo’s Adobe operations, but continues to grow the team’s skillset across all facets of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

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