How E-Learning and Continuous Learning Benefits Everyone

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

I have always believed – even after entering the workforce – that an individual’s drive for knowledge should never stop. This attitude is what pushed me to get into the field of e-Learning. I always thought that having the ability to complete one’s education from the comfort of home is one of the most incredible opportunities we have today. For most people, having the capacity to pursue or continue an education while juggling other responsibilities is one of the best tools they have to accelerate their careers.

Here at Munvo, we have invested a great deal into our internal e-Learning solution. Since I first started, the team has always encouraged continuous education. However, even before I was hired to manage the e-learning platform, the management team had big ideas when it came to training. They have always remained extremely passionate about keeping their consultants up-to-date with trends in the market and with emerging technologies.

Our in-house e-Learning platform, entitled Enterprise Marketing Management School – A.K.A EMM School – is a prime example of how companies can encourage employee development while investing in their strongest assets – people.

Allow me to answer some simple questions about our EMM school and how we make it work.

What is EMM School?

Our EMM School is an e-Learning environment designed to accelerate and support the development of consultants. Today, with the rapidly growing field of EMM Solutions, we aim to keep consultants up-to-date with emerging trends and new technologies.

Strategically, the EMM school operates with the following objectives in mind:

  • Strengthen Munvo consultants’ knowledge on EMM Marketing, Technology, and Consulting aspects;
  • Deliver EMM Services in a standard, predictable manner based on some of the school’s best practices;
  • Create a common ground for vocabulary and standardized terminology when referring to different EMM topics;
  • Maintain a unified learning platform for the entire Munvo team;
  • Make the learning experience fun by incorporating in-house and third party content;
  • Build a standard Learning Management System to provide a more structured learning experience for consultants.

Our EMM School is accessible on the open source e-Learning technology, Moodle. With over 75,000 registered sites and 90 million users across both academic and enterprise levels, Moodle is the world’s most widely used learning platform. Moodle is known for providing its users with a robust, easy-to-use, and customizable learning environment.

The below list contains a sample of the top universities and colleges in the US that use Moodle for their e-learning needs:

  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Georgia
  • Texas A&M University
  • MIT Teacher Education Program
  • Ohio State University Math Department
  • Iowa State University
  • Orange Coast College

What are our EMM School courses about?

The EMM curriculum covers complex topics such as emerging technologies as well as relevant marketing concepts and techniques. Typically, we deliver courses with an approach similar to a post-secondary institution program.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SME) design and develop courses that target a sub-niche within a niche. They focus primarily on the two specific software solutions we support: IBM Unica and Adobe Campaign. We focus on very particular concepts related to these two solutions; for example, Response Attribution Management, Contact Optimization, Analytics and Modeling, Lead and Opportunity Management, Contact Optimization, and Marketing Resource Management – just to name a few.

Our EMM School revolves around the idea that “less is more.” Our courses usually cover the principal subjects related to a given topic; however, our participants are encouraged to continue the learning process by searching outside the EMM School and consulting the Additional Resources sections integrated into every course.

Who uses EMM School?

We started EMM School with the intention of training consultants and helping to integrate new employees. However, in the last year, we made some of our courses available to a few of our clients in the banking and telecommunication industries. They showed interest in enrolling their employees in some of our courses with the purpose of training them on specific EMM topics. I saw this a positive experience – proof that our training methods resonate beyond our company walls.

Continuous Learning and What Comes Next

Providing the right foundation for growth is a basket where most businesses should start placing their eggs. Most professionals are always looking for ways to improve their skills and strengthen their profiles. Companies need to give them that opportunity – they will take it.

As for the EMM School, the possibilities are endless. As I mentioned, we want our content to grow along with our market and its environment. So as long as new and exciting trends keep emerging, my class will be in session.

About Munvo

Munvo is a leading consulting firm helping clients improve their marketing capabilities through a combination of technology implementations, management consulting and marketing run services. In addition, Munvo Lab develops products and connectors for Adobe, SAS, and Unica Marketing Solutions.