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Multi-Attribute feature for IBM Interact


FP-Growth algorithm analyzes demographic data for trends in attributes and the relations between them, as opposed to the built-in Naive Bayes model.
Configurable feature for IBM Interact


Highly configurable algorithm empowers marketers with configurable rules and exceptions to better control next-best action recommendations.
Visual feature for IBM Interact


No more black box – better understand how customer behavior and attributes affect your model using both table and tree visualizations.

What is Visual Self-Learning for IBM Interact?

Munvo’s Visual Machine Learning integrates with the custom self-learning API of your IBM Interact solution, preserving and building upon IBM Interact’s core features. Visual Machine Learning provides next-best-action recommendations using a more powerful algorithm than IBM Interact’s out-of-the-box self-learning. Enjoy visualization tools to help monitor and control the machine learning model to meet your content personalization and customer engagement needs.

Goodbye Black Box

“I love being able to visually see how my model is learning over time. It gives me the confidence to integrate machine learning into my marketing tactics”

–  IBM Interact Owner @ North American Financial Institution

Why Visual Machine-Learning?

  • Gain greater understanding of model biases
  • Capability to customize & tweak model
  • Flexibility to add exception rules
  • Learns about attribute relationships, leading to greater relevancy

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