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SMS Connector for Adobe Campaign

What is Munvo Connector: Twilio SMS for Adobe Campaign?

The Munvo Connector: Twilio SMS for Adobe Campaign integrates directly into the Adobe Campaign® interface and acts as a gateway to your mobile messaging provider (MMP) for a more responsive and interactive experience when compared to native SMS support. It is available through subscription-based pricing and can be implemented in as little as few days. Currently optimized for bi-directional integration with Twilio, but it can be configured for use with many other MMPs.

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Unlock the Potential of the SMS Channel

When considering how SMS marketing plays into your overall strategy, think about how you are going to use it and why. This is the most intimate channel marketers have at their disposal, but it comes with knowing your customer.”

– Andrew Didinchuk, Senior Adobe Architect @ Munvo

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Join our senior Adobe Architect, Andrew Didinchuk, as he explains how Adobe Campaign users are leveraging their SMS channel to communicate directly with their customers.

SMS Connector Core Features

  • Send real-time marketing messages for new product launches,
    coupons or special offers
  • Applicable for informational messaging (notifications, alerts, password reminders, invitations)
  • Enables automated replies inbound messages with relevant marketing content assigned by Adobe Campaign users

Conversational Use Cases

  • Customer manages subscriptions to price alerts for notification of price drops
  • Selection and browsing of relevant data, voice and text travel plans when arriving in foreign destination
  • Upsell of excursions, events and add-ons for traveler when arriving at hotel or resort

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