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Performance Monitoring for Adobe Campaign (Companion)

What is Companion for Adobe Campaign?

Munvo Companion for Adobe Campaign helps you to get the most from your environment by helping with workflow performance, system maintenance and application monitoring tasks. Companion allows users to quickly access insights into how Adobe Campaign is performing by analyzing campaign components, such as workflows, deliveries, offers (interactions), and campaigns.

Understand your Environment

Understand your Environment

Companion makes it easy for Adobe Campaign users to drill down to problem areas. It allows campaign builders and IT support to proactively apply preventative maintenance and gain greater visibility to their environment.

Keep Your Workflows Moving

“With Companion for Adobe Campaign, I spend less time investigating the same recurring issues and more time helping my team deliver great customer experiences.”

– Adobe Campaign User @ North American Bank

Be the First to Know with Alerts

Build your alerts based on events such as:

  1. The processing of a workflow
  2. The failure of a workflow to trigger
  3. The failure of a workflow
  4. The modification of a workflow

Subscribe to email alerts and simplify the monitoring and administration of your Adobe Campaign environment.

Multi-Tenant Support

Companion supports multi-tenant environments such as one server per geography or line of business. Companion for Adobe Campaign provides a consolidated view.

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