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Software Development Consultant

f.k.a: Application Consultant

Job Description:

The Software Development Consultant position is the most prevalent position here at Munvo. As a Software Development Consultant, you’ll initially specialize in one or many of our partner’s marketing solutions: Adobe Campaign, IBM Unica, or SAS Marketing Automation (CI). As your career progresses, more senior Software Development Consultants tend to expand on their specialties by learning a second marketing solution over time.

To become a successful Software Development Consultant, you’ll need to learn both the front-end and back-end aspects of the marketing solution(s) in which you specialize. You will also need to develop a good understanding of the business variables associated with the client’s marketing solutions to maximize the value obtained from that solution. Additionally, staying up-to-date on marketing trends and getting the required certifications is an essential requirement for any Software Development Consultant.

An example of a few things a consultant may be involved with are:

  • Reviewing client marketing campaigns and marketing operations requirements;
  • Conducting Design workshops to accurately establish specifications on how to best configure marketing solution module(s) adopted by the client;
  • Implementing software configuration and data mapping required to run the client marketing campaigns or marketing operations;
  • Assisting clients in developing and testing high-performance marketing campaign flowcharts according to specifications established during Design sessions and by campaign briefs communicated by client marketing personnel;
  • Drafting of reports, dashboards, and KPI for clients;
  • Client coaching and training on the best practices related your respected marketing software.
University-level Education

University-level Education

Computer Science, Software Engineering or Management Information Systems (MIS) graduates with favorable GPAs

Capability to Deliver

Capability to Deliver

A strong drive with the confidence and the ability to make things happen in a collaborative work environment with both clients and colleagues

Speak Multiple Languages

'Citizens of the World'

The ability to speak multiple languages and work internationally are valuable assets

Solid Technical Credentials

Technical Credentials

A strong general understanding of SQL, databases, operating systems and object-oriented programming


Business Travelling

When required, the ability to work at client sites, as it is often required for requirements gathering and solution design (weekend fly-back policy)

Previous Experience

Previous Experience

Experience with business application implementation such as CRMs and BI are valuable assests

Training & Education

Since 2005, Munvo has developed an intense in-house training program focused on the Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) field. This group training is structured to equip all entry level consultants with knowledge around;

  • Enterprise marketing and current digital marketing trends
  • Client management skills
  • Requirements gathering, design presentation and other project management skills
  • Enterprise sales techniques (because, everyone sells)

What are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals who are fast learners and who possess strong interpersonal skills, and the drive required to succeed in the consulting world.

When consulting at Munvo, work can move rapidly between technical architecture and marketing business process challenges related to the interactive marketing field. This training provides our consultants with the knowledge necessary to evaluate client requirements in a holistic manner. Once formal training is complete, all consultants will have access to additional training materials to continuously improve their marketable skill set.

Consulting candidates must possess solid technical skills in:

  • SQL
  • Relational database concepts
  • Architecture Design, Software Design, and Web Service Integration
  • Scripting
  • Java Application Development (is an asset)

New consultants will be given significant responsibilities from the start; with minimal oversight. They must have the ability to efficiently interact on-site with clients in a consulting role and in an autonomous way. They will be responsible and accountable for the success (on time, on budget) from their very first project and onwards. Often the consultant will participate in many projects for multiple clients in a single year, so the ability to learn and adapt quickly is key.

Travel Opportunities

Candidates may be required to travel for work-related purposes across North America (weekend fly back policy). Candidates must have valid Canadian citizenship (required to obtain an E1 visa in the US). Additional passports (US, UK or EU) are an asset. Candidates with a long-term ability to work on international projects will be strongly considered.


  • Quarterly employee bonuses based on performance;
  • Enrollment to the Munvo training program;
  • Employer contribution to a collective insurance plan;
  • Pension fund matching contribution;
  • Mobile plan covered by Munvo;
  • 3 weeks of vacation.

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