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Evergage Practice

Our Expertise

Munvo consultants utilize decision engine technology to personalize offers and deliver interactive multi-channel next-best-action dialogues. Now with our Evergage alliance, we can expand both our industry experience and 20+ use cases to promote and implement next-generation personalization technologies and to provide increasing business value to our clients and their customers.

20+ Personalization Projects
Always-On Marketing

What is Next-Gen Personalization?

Personalized Content & Recommendations

Present individual shoppers with relevant messages, offers, products and content in real time. Easily build and deploy machine learning-driven experiences – content recommendations, search, navigation, dynamic merchandising – that account for both popularity and availability, as well as each shopper’s preferred categories, affinities, brands, styles, geography and price ranges.

Always-On Marketing

Personalization allows marketers to capitalize on always-on marketing scenarios that detect and respond to opportunities in real time. In the telecommunications industry, customers are continually generating millions of event data points from call usage, data usage, MMS messages and changes to their pre-paid balances. Machine-learning technologies, such as Evergage, personalize relevant messages based on the detection of critical events, opportunities or changes in behavior. For this example, a valuable customer whose pre-paid balance is running low is provided with a real time minutes and data top-up offer through SMS to ensure loyalty and strengthen retention.

Dynamic Emails on Open

Transactional emails such as banking statements have some of the highest open rates, often exceeding 50%, which make them an amazing marketing opportunity. Targeting customers using offline segmentation, combined with real-time engagement data and predictive modeling creates an opportunity for marketers to deliver real-time dynamically personalized emails to their customers.

In this example, the customer’s monthly statement includes a credit card offers based on offline segmentation and predictive model data. However, prior to opening the email, the customer browses the bank’s website and shows mortgage product interest and intent. In the evening, when the customer opens the e-mail statement, the content is dynamically enhanced by Evergage, replacing the credit card offer with mortgage information. This type of conversation-increasing personalization experience has allowed marketers to gain a competitive advantage.

Our Offerings

Strategy & Design

We help our clients devise robust personalization strategies and design memorable experiences by understanding their customers’ needs and wants.

Implementation & Integration

Leveraging our marketing and technical expertise, we implement the Evergage solution capabilities to enable our client’s personalization strategies as well as to provide integration with their internal customer data and DMP.

Marketing Run Services

As end-to-end marketing solution specialists, we provide our clients with marketing run services to support the planning, development, execution and analysis of their Evergage marketing campaigns.

Intertested in Personalizing your Marketing Strategy

Get in touch and learn how Munvo helps companies implement next-generation personalization technologies.

Our Personalization Work

Enable “nudges” or recommendations when customers are most engaged, such as self-service moments and determine which work best with automated A/B testing
Optimize real-time recommendations for hundreds of thousands of hourly transactions within service level agreements
Create and manage personalization technology implementation plans and roadmaps
Implement “always-on marketing” capabilities by analyzing large amounts of customer usage and activity data streams to detect opportunities for delivering dynamic content and relevant recommendations
Promote the next-best-action, based on relevancy to customer and profitability for your organization using machine learning recepies
Assess personalization capabilities such as multivariate testing and provide strategy for achieving them
Deployment of 1:1 personalization technology that scales and integrates with your existing MarTech ecosystem.
Capitalize on customer sentiment and maintain consistent personalized messaging across owned and paid channels

Munvo Services at a Glance

Personalization / Journey design

Customized training

Marketing data mart modeling

Deskside coaching

Marketing database build

Marketing run services

Custom integration